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New Here

Hey I'm new here, just thought I should introduce myself...
I've been dancing for 11 years, and I'm proud to say, it is my passion. At 15, I really haven't found anything else in my life that gives me the pure joy and bliss that dancing does. I guess I thought by joining this kind of community, I could meet people who had the same passion other than the girls in my studio.
I'm just finnishing up a dance intensive at a 3 year program called dect. don't really remember what it stands for at the moment, but I'd actually like to ask a few questions about back pain... I don't usually take modern, the normal dance classes I take at my studio are balet, jazz, tap, point, and hip hop. And so ever since we've been doing this modern class this week, its been wicked intense, and I've got some semi-bad pain in my back from all the crazy spirals and releases. Does anyone have any tips there?
And does anyone know any good stretches for your turnout? I've always had a rotten one and I've never figured out how to make it better...

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