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Proplems whit knees and acles -_-

Hellouu! Im new in here. Bad english, sorry `bout that. 4 Years dancind (modern, jazz, ballet and sometimes hiphop) I take it seriously. Though i think it`s too inportant thing to be taken seriously ^^. I want to become proessional. Currectly stdying in Kuopios Yhteiskoulus Music And Dance highscool(Finland) www.koulut.kuopio.fi/~Muslukio/ and Kuopios Konservatorio(Finland) http://www.kuopionkonservatorio.fi/index.php?Opiskelu:Tanssikoulu

That`s about it. I really wanted to ask about knee and acle proplems. Im sure that someone else must have them too,because they are quite common. well nt in my 05a thoug ^^. My knees often feel like there is something stuck between bones( well not bones but... -_- KNEE) and there is something painfull about it and it`s really hard to me explain in english. And i know that it's not about streching my muscles are in good shape.. and acles it` s always when for ex. try to strech my achilles and my whole weight is on my other feet and degree between "foottable" and leg is under 85...
Did anyone get enything? I understand if u didn`t. my english is so....bad... But Should i see doctor?
And what kind of knee and ncle proplems you have and how have u survived/cured (what ever)?
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