Through My Soul (missingu_alwayz) wrote in dancebeautiful,
Through My Soul


i have a new group going on and a show i want to do for charity. if anyone is at all interested or wants to help out, please don't be hesistant 2 reply to me or even 2 ask, there is no age limit to whoever is willing to help out, i'll find something for everyone 2 do so that there is no problem!! if u dont live in the area where i do, dont worry about it, it's not a problem.

i will be posting or u can make shirts, blankets out of fabric or cloth material, necklaces, rings, key chains, anything u wish (just be creative and send me a picture or copy and how many via e-mail)

please also have my name or GROUP name on them, so that they will know who or what group it's in part coming from. u can also try 2 raise money and i will have an offical site going up once i know who is "in" and who is "out"

the whole point in me starting this group is not only to get everyone involved from neighbors, to family, to friends, to people all over the world, .......

but for me it's about touching people's lives and making a difference forever :)

no matter if it's for a minute, an hour, a second, ....... anybody; one person can make a difference 4 life! :)


the group is here ::::

peace and god bless
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