Courtney ♥ (cbrady) wrote in dancebeautiful,
Courtney ♥

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted here in forever.

I just started Hell Week for my high school's dance team. We are 3 days into it and have 3 halftime dances and 3 new sideline routines. I am sooo sore, it's unbelievable. But it's really fun.

I'm a sophomore, but it's my first year on the team ( i did cheerleading last year; big mistake) so I thought I'd be in the back of all the formations because it's primarily by seniority, but because of my height (5'11'') I'm front and center for most formations. The captains are twins who are around my height so I'm always next to them. It's so cool! I'm pumped.

Well that's the update for me. :) Bye!
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